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Photo Suite 7 Blows


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What is the deal with Photo Suite 7 Platinum?!? I've spent an hour trying (unsuccessfully) trying to reach customer service. Not only does the automated "Roxann" not know a thing, but the "Self Service" page won't let me log in. Maddening! :)

Ever since I foolishly purchased this product, I am unable to save any photo that I edit. Even after a simple crop, the software "hangs up" and won't save. This was the biggest waste of money! PS 5 was so much better!!! Every review I've read of PS 7 says the same thing....and everyone blasts Roxio for their customer support by saying it's virtually nonexistent, and I have to agree.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. And if anyone is considering purchasing PS 7, DON'T DO IT!!!! Spend your money on something that's actually worth it!!! I will NEVER buy another Roxio product again. :huh::D:D

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