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MyDVD LE Error

bob dobbs


Before I blow up my computer, AND your software, I would like to know how to solve this problem.


MyDVD LE lets me load mpeg-2 files, set up a background, and loads the data. Just before it's about to burn to the disk, the progress bar at the bottom rolls back, and says canceling.


I then get this pop-up error:


String not Initialized -19930


I've ran a search, and only found one page here where someone had the same error, but no-one had answered him and that page was from July 10th 2007



I'm sorry if you get the impression I'm angry, but I'm fustrated, because I will have to find some FREEWARE software that CAN do my job. :angry2::angry2::angry2:

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First, "LE" indicates it is an OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] Version that came with your computer or burner. Normally, when a company buys the rights to an OEM Version, they also undertake the responsibility to provide support. And they would have the advantage of knowing exactly what is included in the OEM Version.


Second, those of us who answer here are people who have bought the programs and use them, so your complaint apparently addressed to Roxio isn't getting you anywhere. Once in a while someone from Roxio comes in, but you can identify them by the Roxio logo.


However, you might provide more info - your computer specs, which application within the suite you are using, exactly what steps you are taking, etc ... it's possible someone will recognize what is happening.



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