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DVD Audio track trouble



Hey there,


Was hoping someone could give me a hand.. I am trying to burn a large .avi onto a DVD disc for usage with my DVD player. As it stands I have no problem doing this, the problem is with the audio tracks for the .avi. I have two audio tracks on the initial .avi, the first being spanish, the second being english. When I burn the DVD, toast seems to grab the spanish one, and only burn it. The result: I have a DVD with just the spanish audio track when really what I want is the english one.



I cannot find anywhere in Toast that allows me to select which audiotrack I would like to burn, nor can I find any info on this kind of problem online. Let me know if there is a way to do this within toast, or if there is another program I could grab in order to delete the spanish audio track so just the english burns.


Thanks for all your help,


Much appreciated,

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I haven't tried this with AVI's but the following works with MPEGs that have multiple audio tracks. Select the video in the Video window and click the Edit button. In the Edit window there is a description of the video and audio specs. The audio heading becomes a button when there are multiple audio tracks in MPEG files so that you can see a popup to select the specific track you want.


If that doesn't work then I think you need to use MPEG Streamclip or QuickTime Pro to select the specific audio track and save a new file for use in Toast.

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