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Repeatedly getting "signal protected" error on video capture from vidcam




Okay, I just got the program and thought I was doing well until i started getting the same error within seconds of starting a video capture from my Sony hi8 based video camera. I have some 30 tapes I need to offload and windows programs weren't up to the task...now it seems Roxio isn't either. HELP! (yes I am screaming!)



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Sony Hi8mm is analog so we need to know what you are using to capture the tape. Sounds like it may be a function of your capture card or device. Sometimes when you record over an existing analog recording, there 'could be' two separate videos at once if only for a second or less. Some video capture devices will recognize this as Macrovision which is a way to protect commercial video on tape. THE HARDWARE then tells the software which will then give you an error.


The only solution (in this case) would be to fast forward a bit before you begin capturing.


Just an educated guess without more information.

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