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Runtime error R6025



My video projects are stacking up. I'd really like to use EMC 10 again, but I'm still waiting on the good folks at Roxio to release EMC 10.x that fixes the Runtime error R6025 problems. A quick look into the posts on this site show this problem has been known since soon after release, at least three or four months ago. Was hoping to get the patch for Christmas....2007! Ha...guess not. I'd at least like to hear an official Roxio statement, like.... "we're still working on it". Anyway...Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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Actually they did say they were working on it some time back - there was a thread for reporting it which was collecting info on what was happening when it went belly-up.


Writing s/w takes time - unravelling source code to debug takes a lot longer unfortunately


In the meantime, did you try closing down things like media manager and soon using msconfig to stop them loading automatically?

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I also recently purchased EMC10 Suite and ran into the runtime error


I found that a needed file was missing on my system (d3dx9_33.dll) after researching it's origin I came to the conclusion it was the following needed support Directx9 you may find this setup at the following link

http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/7...543-8e28a4e18c4 c/dxwebsetup.exe

it worked for me. now my EMC10 Launcher works and all the apps are functioning as advertised.


Best Regards


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