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Video file size increases after import



Hello, I'm new to the forums, and I'm hoping this question has not been covered, as I have spent quite a while searching for an answer to the problem...


I am currently using EMC10. I have four video files in AVI format (1Gb each in size). I wish to import all these files into EMC10, and burn it onto a DL-DVD. However, after importing these files into EMC10 (with the fit to disc option on), the total used space exceeds 10Gbs (1024mb x 4 = 4096... not 10,000 last time i checked my math :s). I was wondering if it was because EMC10 is converting them to MPEG-2 or another format aside from AVI, and therefore enlarging the files. Is there a way around this? Would re-ripping the four video clips into a different format help?


Any help appreciated,



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Something we cover all of the time…


DVD Movies are not just some files you can burn to a DVD. Just as you cannot take a "song" and simply copy it to a CD and think an Audio CD will result.


Both have specific international formats that they have to comply to.


A 4.7gb DVD will hold about 1 hour of a DVD Movie at highest quality.


Your files are highly and greatly exceed that time when put into a Standard Format.


When dealing with Video, think in TIME as file size is a useless measure.

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My apologies for not searching deeper, I figured this would be a common issue...


However, I guessed that this might be the case, as I thought of the very analogy you used with the music CD. Well it looks like I'm going to have to settle with three movies per DVD over four...


Thank you for your help, you saved me quite the bit of hair pulling :D


Happy Holidays!



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