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Compression information mismatch [4886 1316] Error



My hard drive crashed right after I created a full system backup using StompSoft Backup MyPC - and I am unable to restore any of the files from the backup file.

I was able to do the back up to one large file on a NFTS formatted WD Mybook external hard drive - the original files were 69.64 GB but it compressed them down to 55.90 GB. It seemed good and I was able to restore some of the files right afterwards using the same StompSoft Backup MyPC program.


After trying everything on the crashed drive, I gave up (it is toast!), installed a new internal hard drive and formatted it as a NTFS drive. I then tried to to restore from my backup and I get nothing but a compression mismatch error! Every file fails!


Unfortunately -- the only version of Backup MyPC that I have available to work with is the original CD - version 4.85 that I bought. The had been downloaded on-line as an update and I didn't think it through enough to make a copy of it for just such an emergency!


When I try to restore using 4.85 I see the file trees but every file I try to restore errors out with a message of:


Compression information mismatch [4886 1316]


Is there any way I can get the original StompSoft Backup MyPC build so I can try to recover my data? Does anyone know if the Backup MyPC 2006 being sold at Roxio at this link is the same build? Backup MyPC 2006


I am tempted to just spend the $50 bucks and download it to see if it works but would like to know it going to be the same version.


Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

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In case anyone else runs into this - I bought another copy from Roxio of the Backup MyPC 2006 and when I installed it has a 6.0 build of BUMP in it that was able to recover my software.


I did a full restore with it and then tried to reboot. My system started cycling - trying to boot in Safe Mode, none of the options worked.


I am trying now to repair the Windows installation from the XP disk. Hopeful. If that doesn't work are there any other things I should try?


Worst case I have my data and can just reinstall windows XP and reload all my software.


Whew - what an ordeal!

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A google search turns up a new official name, MiGo



There are some listings for StompSoft Backup on eBay at the moment - you'll have to check the Version.


Sometimes when a newer Version is issued it is backward compatable, and sometimes it isn't. This is true for all kinds of software, so I can't say if the eBay offerings would be what you need, but MiGo might be able to.



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First and foremost, version 4 had a different compression algorithm than does version 5 or 6, so naturally you can not restore a backup from V5 or 6 with V4 and vice versa.

If you can get the install software for V5 or 6 , install windows, the BUMP and then try the restore. You will have to do an overwrite of all files to get the system back to where it was before.

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