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Write error--illegal request burning ISO file to Memorex DVD+R DL




I created a "movie" of my old VHS home movies using Pinnacle. After several attempts burning to a DL disk, I gave up and switched to Roxio, hearing it was better. In Roxio Creator 9, I can view the ISO file and the program recognizes the 8.5GB DVD and tells me everything is ready to go (2.4x write speed). I click on burn DVD, it says "compressing DVD" then it says phase 1 of 1. It gets up to 99% then ejects the DVD and gives me the error "write error--illegal request." It also says "unspecified error 0x1527000a".


Any advice would be appreciated. I have been able to burn video using Microsoft Movie Maker, and with Pinnacle I was able to burn to a single layer disk (different brand). However, I want to burn more data so I need to use the DL disk, and Moviemaker doesn't give me all the functionality I need. Thanks.



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Memorex is considered a bottom feeder by most people… I would not go as far to say that it is the cause in this case, but don't buy any more.


You created an ISO in a different program and that alone can create problems!


To create an ISO for DL media the ISO [/b]must be specifically made for 'dash' DL or for 'plus' DL!!![/b] They are not interchangeable.


I think your best bet is to extract the movie and use Roxio to create an burn the ISO. You can then use Disc Copier to make a Test Only burn and see how it works without wasting any media.

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