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Let me start by saying I had previously used Roxio PhotoSuite 5 and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 without problems - until Internet Explorer version 7 "forced me" to purchase Easy Media Creator 10. (The new version of Internet Explorer is incompatible with Roxio Media Creator 7.5.) I am a firm believer in "If it ain't broke...."


Like many others, I was having difficulty installing Easy Media Creator 10. The "Command Prompt" box would open, I would insert each of the three CD's as directed. And nothing would happen (I tried this three times.) I also read the first five or so posts, and tried all the recommendations without success.


I finally found a solution which worked for me (after I uninstalled all previous Roxio and Sonic products, deleted two registry entries, and performed a Windows Search for any and all Roxio files and folders, to try to figure out where the heck everything from the the Roxio Easy Media Creator CD's was hiding.)


1. Enable "View Hidden Files and Folders" (My Computer / C), then on the "Tools" tab, go to "Folder Options", under "View", Make sure "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is selected under "Hidden Files and Folders."


2. Locate the "Setup" icon. Select: My Computer / C / Documents & Settings / User name (in my case, "Dad") / Local settings / Temp / EMC10 / Setup - Setup Application Sonic Solutions. Double-click on the icon for the last file.


3. Finally, Roxio Easy Media Creator began to install.


4. When done, go back to step 1 to "re-hide" hidden files and folders (Select "Do not show hidden file and folders.")


In all my years of computing, I have never had such a difficult time to install a program. To Roxio - I think there has to be an easier way to install this program, and not have the "set-up" icon located in a folder hidden by default.


Operating System: Windows XP Home SP2, Internet Explorer 7


Good luck!

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You do seem to have had more than your fair share of problems, but a couple of points.


I don't know why setup.exe didn't run from the CD - it should have. Did you have autorun disabled and did you try running it from the CD?


You could also have copied the contents of the CDs to a temp folder and run setup from there (in case there was a problem reading from the optical drive)


Regarding IE7 - you'll find that most here wouldn't touch that with a 40 foot barge piole. Along with WMP11, it's a backport from Vista and messes things up in the registry - EMC 7 isn't the only thing to be affected. The trick is to roll both of those back and to re-install EMC7 (you'll find btw that it can co-exist with EMC 10) and that will give you the 'extras' of both 7 and 10.


btw - the browser of choice for most of us is Mozilla Firefox

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