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DVD Slideshows - Chapter Problems



I purchases ROXIO Easy Media Creator 10 about 2 weeks ago to make a slide show of pictures for a Christmas present. I used the MyDVD to create a slide show with 4 different chapters and 4 different audio selections. When I previewed the slideshow it looked and sounded great...so I burned it onto a DVD. When I watched the DVD there was an issue when it went from one chapter to another (automatically)...it didn't start in the beginning of the chapter; instead it started on the 3-4 slide and it was terrible. Has anyone else run into this problem...if so how can this be fixed. I just don't understand how it can be fine in the preview and then the final production is not like the preview at all. HELP!!!

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Going from one Chapter straight into the Next Chapter is normal DVD behavior, always has been…


If you want it to return to the Main Menu, you would never use Chapters for this but rather use Titles and set their Properties to return after playing.


I don't make slideshows but what you describe is a Bug and has gone unfixed for a couple of versions…


Only workaround I can think of is to build your Title slideshows in VideoWave and Output them As an movie file. Then load these as Titles into MyDVD.

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