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12X Non Appendable, 4X fine...

Rob Lay


Hello, first post and I'm new to burning CD's. I'm using Roxio Creator DE v9 with Vista. My hardware is Dell Inspiron M1710 Intel Core 2 Gb RAM, HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GSA-T11N ATA Device.


I am trying to burn image files. My first batch of CD's were Memorex CD-RW 4x 700 Mb. Burning with Roxio was fine. I ran out and the store only had the 12x version, same brand and everything same, but they do say "High Speed".


When I put the 12x in, Roxio spits discs out and says "Non Appendable". I haven't changed or done anything different from the 4x CD's.


Sorry I don't know much, but I'm lost how to get these CD's to work with Roxio.




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I think the answer lies in your post - 'Memorex'


Memorex don't actually make DVDs - they sub-contract the work out and most of their stuff is very low-end and we've had a lot of people with a problem traced back to the media

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