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Please report the name of the clip that caused the error. I routinely write DVDs containing varying numbers of video clips from a library of 1400 such clips. Each DVD contains as many as 99 clips.


It is of no help that you report that there is an error without giving me even so much as a hint as to which file is causing the problem.


As you can see, just by the sheer number of video files I deal with, the possibility for occasional errors is high.


Also, it is really strange that, even with an error I can "Save as disc image" and then write that to DVD. Why not just allow these errors to be ignored in the preferences?


Either one would help a great deal!

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Good suggestion. One thing I've done to find where an error occurs is to look in the Roxio Converted Items folder. The last file that appears is often the one prior to the one which contains the error. This presumes that your videos result in anything being written in that folder.

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