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DVD burn does not match original



I have had on-and-on success burning iso images of my home videos to DVD. I took someone's suggestion and am no longer burning straight to DVD, rather now to an iso and then burning later.


The problem is that I have tried to burn the dvd 3 times. Twice I got the Roxio error that says something basically like the original does not match what was burned and the software recommends that I burn again. A third time it worked with no error.


I hear people talk about "coasters" for bad dvds. Is this basically what people mean? Is this just telling me that the disk is bad and that I should try again? Or is it pointing to a larger issue with my pc or software?


Over the last few weeks I have had this software I have updated seemingly every driver/firmware possible for my computer and software based on this forum's help so I can't imagine there is much more I can do in that regard.


I guess I'm hoping that the answer you will give me is "Just re-burn, those mismatches are very common and there is little you can do about it. That is why people get so many coasters." Otherwise I think I'll continue pulling out my hair like I have for the last few weeks. Thanks for the help!

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I was burning a double layer dvd and only my Mad Dog writer is DL so I couldn't try on both.


Yes, I did try the "bad" disk in my set-top dvd player after it was burned and it appeared to play OK though I didn't watch all 2 hours of it. The message scared me, though, that maybe somewhere on the disk there is some type of error so I just tossed it and re-burned.


The media I am using are FujiFilm DVD+R DL 2.4X. I have heard that manufacturing location is important but I don't know the details about that. They are stamped as "Made in Taiwan" if that helps.

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