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Microsoft Increases After-hours Critical Support Fees

The Highlander

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Starting on March 13, 2006, Microsoft will be making the following changes to telephone-based Professional Incident support for IT Professionals and also Enterprise Developers.


Support level Support hours Price - Professional telephone incident


Before 3/13/06 All severities 24 hours a day

Monday - Sunday

$245 per incident


After 3/13/06 All severities 6 A.M. – 6 P.M. Pacific Time

Monday - Friday

$245 per incident


Business critical severity 6 P.M. – 6 A.M. Pacific Time

Monday - Friday

all day Saturday and Sunday

$490 per incident


Hours of operation are not impacted by holidays.


Business-critical after-hours support is available for $490.00 USD and provides support only for business-critical issues. Business-critical issues are defined as situations that involve a system, a network, a server, or a critical program down situation that severely affects customer production or profitability. These are high-impact issues where production, operations, or development are proceeding but could be severely affected within several days.


Microsoft will provide continuous effort to resolve the problem 24 hours a day. Senior managers at Microsoft are notified. The customer must allocate appropriate resources to sustain a continuous effort 24 hours a day. The customer's management must be notified.


International only: After-hours support will only be provided for business-critical incidents on English version products and in the English language. If you require local language product support, please consider contacting a local support provider.


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