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Cine Player, LITEON DVDRW Problems



I have two LITEON DVDRW Drives in my new machine, one is about a year old, a LITEON DVDRW SOHW-1693S, and the other being a very new DVDRW-LH 20A1H, which is a RAM drive. The decoder package for the Cine Player in EMC 10 works fine for the older drive when playing DVD's, but in the newer drive the DVD's play with scratchy sound and are slow and very unstable. When playing DVD's in Power DVD 6 or even version 5, both drives play just fine. It did the same thing with EMC 9. I upgraded to 10 hoping for an update in the decoder package, but it's the same deal. I did a clean install as I know about using Roxzap from being a long time customer. I installed Power DVD after. All my firmware and drivers are updated and I'm using the latest directX 9.0c. I have an intel duo core 2 proccessor E6850 premium with the 1333 front, 3GHz, 4 GB's of RAM, I have a Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS video card. My computer engineers say it's just the decoder package and I concur as the Power DVD software works great with no adjustments what so ever. They've started including the Power DVD software with all their new computers. Also the Cineplayer is so invasive that it is very hard to get it not to be the defaut player, even when that option has been unchecked. It even wants to stick around when changing file types in the folders option. My solution was to uninstall just the Cineplayer and default DVD playback to Power DVD. All else in EMC 10 works well for my purposes so now all is working just fine. It's not a big deal, but you would hope that you could get all to work well within the package and not have to go the workaround method. If anyone else has had the same problem and found a fix let me know. My computer guys will just say decoder package, use Power DVD, which is fine, but I just wonder if there is a fix out there or a different decoder package. I'm thinking of trying to reload the Cineplayer with out the Cineplayer decoder package to see if that forces the player to pick up the Power DVD decoder package....who knows. Thanks in advance.

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