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Istall nero along with roxio?



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Does anyone know if I could install nero 8 on my computer, even if I already have roxio 9? Will there be any problems while installing?




There will be a conflict with Nero's InCD and Roxio's Drag to Disc, both of which are packet writing software programs,

You can only have one packet writing program on your computer, at one time.

Without those programs, both Nero and Roxio can reside on the same computer, without conflict.

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I am sorry, I'll make myself clearer. I am thinking about buying nero 8 for the capabilities for dvd authoring, not packet writing. I was just asking if I was compatible with roxio. If I buy and install nero 8, will it bog down my system resources? Is it beneficial to have roxio and nero on the same computer? I hope that clears things up. I greatly appreciate your help.


Re-read post #4


Gi7omy was referring to packet writing. I will not use that feature. I am mainly buying roxio and nero for it dvd authoring capabilites.

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Both will instakll with no problems - except for the two packet writing apps If you install Roxio first, remove Drag to Disc by using add/remove programs.


If you install Nero first, do the same for InCD


Preferably take both out ;)


Should you actually need it, XP has a built in session writing drag'n'drop and Vista has a packet writing one. The difference is that Vista will write to both CD and DVD while XP is CD only

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