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why can't i save my myDVD project?



hello i made a project in MyDVD and went to save it and it comes up with a message that says "unable to save project."

why? i ask.

it didnt tell me.

maybe someone else can?

there are no missing files, as far as i know.

another issue: i went to burn it thinking, ok...if i cant save it then id better burn it before my computer has a meltdown and crashes, but i got a message at the end of its lengthy burning process saying "error processing files" or something to that effect. and then the DVD didnt work. shoot.

i dont know if the two are related, if they're separate issues, or whether im just altogether too unintelligent to be allowed to use this software and my computer is rebelling. :D

in any case, i hope someone smarter than i am has a clue what the heck is going on.

please reply soon, cause i dont want to close this file since i cant save it... :unsure:

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