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Can you make multiple data copies?

Jeff A


How do you make multiple copies of a data CD without having to do the entire operation over each time? For example, can I put in (example: 50 copies) at the beginning and just keep popping in new CDs each time one is finished? I could do this on other software programs I have had.

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It depends how you're doing it.


Most of the Roxio burners have provision for "Number of Copies" in the burn process, but many people have complained that they're not too good at this. A way which has been suggested is to burn your disc to an ISO image, and then just repeatedly copy that. Else you could set up a data project in Creator, and click on Burn 50 times.


These are not as quick and simple as dialing up 50 copies and changing the disc every time the program dings opens the drawer [why can't Roxio software 'ding'??] but it's better than setting up a project 50 times or repeatedly resetting the computer because it gets lost after the first copy.




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