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Any Way To Create A Cd That Will Start Auto And Loop Continuously?



Hello - I'm in a jam and need help asap!


Can anyone please give me specific steps to create a slidehow on a cd that will play in my cd/dvd tv player that will start automatically (or can be started) to run and loop continuously until I turn it off.

I can create the slideshow - I just need to steps to burn/create the cd.


I've looked everywhere for help on this.


I did try and create a cd with no menu - but then I can't get it to start on my player.

Maybe I am burning the wrong type of CD...?




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wow - I can't believe that even Roxio support does not view these boards and at least answer a question like this. I've called tech support 3 times and still have not gotten a straight answer and been disconnected!

Well, since this is only a Sonic/Roxio sponsered user forum, and not a way to contact them, it doesn't surprise me that they don't post much here. Altho I understand that they do view posts from time to time to see what issues and features are being talked about.


As to what you are trying to do, part of it depends on which version of which product you have. If it's EMC 8, or MyDVD 8 Premiere, you should be able to create a dvd (dvd disc) that will auto start by creating a project with no menus. I do not think you can create a vcd or svcd (cd disc) with no menus that will do this. Since you mention you made a cd with no menu, you need to explain better what you did. Which program(s) you used, and the steps you took to do it. It could be that there is something in the process you did, or it could be that your player is not compatible with the kind of disc you made, or the brand/type of disc you used.


As to 'looping', I don't know of any way to do this in the current version 8 products. You may be able to use a 'repeat' function of the player to accomplish that.

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Hi, I am not certain on a VCD but for sure on a DVD you can do what you want. I did it accidentally and was pleasantly surprised. On the DVD, the moment the DVD player reads the DVD, it starts to play the movie/production. At the end it automatically starts over. AND this is accomplished without having to set the DVD player to loop a chapter/title or whatever.


You can accomplish this burning "without menu". Be sure to check production settings etc for the exact location of this option but that will give you the looping you desire. (Well, at least on a DVD but my guess it is it has the same options on a VCD.)

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