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Quick Music DVD and Music Disk Creator DVD not working



I have Windows XP. I have Roxio Creator 9. I am tryijng to make Music DVD's. When I select Quick Music DVD, the screen goes back to the home screen. When I select Music Disc Creator, I don't get the option to select Music DVD.



I believe I have had this problem a long time ago. But, among the innumberable problems I've had trying to get Easy Creator 9 stable (at least 20 painful re-installations), I have forgotten the solution.


I was going to upgrade to Creator 10, but I have seen several posts regarding reinstalling and I'm just getting to the point where I can eliminate all the garbage not removed by Creator 9 installation and don't want to repeat those excercises with Creator 10.

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That is strange. I have to ask. Do you have a DVD burner in your computer? If you do, is Roxio recognizing that you have a burner?



When I select Disc Information: The Destination Selection shows TSSTcorp DVDRW RL (D:)


Selecting Audio "Quick Music DVD". The screen goes back to the Main Screen.

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