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Does C&C corrupt other applications ?



Hi Yah,


After installing C&C my 'Trainz2004' game won't work, I've reset the PC to a check point before C&C was installed and 'Trainz' works o.k. but after reinstalling C&C it has failed again. Anybody know what the solution is ? Does installing C&C affect other software ? Is it a Vista issue ?

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What modules of C&C did you install? Did you do a custom install or just include everything?


Here is a list of what it offers to install on my machine


I guess you could try a custom install, and just install the Home application and whatever part(s) you need, and see if that helps the situation.


Disc Image Loader is the most unusual thing in the suitelet, but since I don't have your Trainz2004 game I don't know what it does or relies on in Vista, and can only suggest a way which might or might not help.




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