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Windows XP-burnt DLA DVD's show up blank on Apple iMac



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Sonic DLA, as well as Roxio's Drag2Disc and DirectCD, Nero's InCD, and others - are "Packet-Writing", that is, the disc is formatted into packets so it can be used as a "great-big floppy-disc".


(As an aside, that is NOT a good way to backup data, altho if you are using it short-term, as to transfer data to another comptuer, it works.)


I think tsantee has said there is some form of Packet-Writing that works on Mac, but it is not any of the kinds that work on PCs.


I'd suggest you make regular Data Discs of the data. That both provides you with a backup of the data that is reasonably stable, AND when closed can be read on nearly all computers - including Macs.



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Lynn is correct. The Mac OS does not support reading (nor writing) of packet-written discs. The exception are discs created with Retrospect but those require the Retrospect application to access the content. The OS won't read them.


If you were hoping to use optical discs in this way on the Mac (I'm referring to creating new ones, not trying to read the content from the existing ones) then you should get a 4GB USB flash drive to use instead. When it gets full copy its contents to disc, erase the flash drive and start over.

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