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Would you be able to elaborate on where I might find that, please?

Thanks in advance.



Now that's the first time I heard that ! :o


Just goes to show if you ask a question without a rant, then you get an answer without the flame. ;)


I hope Alan comes back to see the answer.


Am I supposed to double click the "RoxioContentCDv10_SQA.exe" file? I' don't think I did that and I too have only five menu styles.



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Yes, click on that .exe file, and let it do its work. It will take a long time, so let it run.




Thanks a lot! It worked great. I have a new problem though. When i try to edit movie I sometimes get


".\DSMenuEditCtrl.cpp(1185):***Error NULL =pComp.p"


.\DSProductionUtils.cpp(192):***Error 80040207=spGM->Preview()


I'm trying to create chapter points in the timeline view. Even when I do. then I can't save it . BTW the main screen in the edit movie mode is black and blank.


Please help.




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