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Menu items offset



I finished downloading and splicing a video from my DV camera. I've then loaded the project into MyDVD and began creating the menu. Not a fan of the built-in menus, I edited the background and the music.

The menus go like this: MAIN MENU (movie button) / SUB 1 (chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4) / SUB 2 (chapter 5, chapter 6).

I select preview and everything looks just fine. The selected movie button or chapter buttons are highlighted by hovering over them or using the simulated RC. But then I burn the DVD (first I make an ISO file to avoid trashing a disc), mount it and play it on any media player (mplayer, vlc, WMP10) the selected items in the menu appear twice as wide and displaced to the right. Of course, the rightmost items just won't appear as selected.


It has happened four times already, even using the built-in menus. Each trial-and-mistake implies leaving the PC unused for nearly 2 hours while it processes the video. And the preview always looks fine.


What can it be?

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