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Burned DVD won't playback in widescreen



Hey all,,wet behind the ears here... I just got a new 24" Mac G5,,had a G4 also ( no problems there ). Now for the fun part...When I try to burn a widescreen movie..It plays back in ( what I believe is 4:3... standard t.v. view ) full screen,,, thus the quality is not that great. How can I get this G5 and Toast to play nice together so I can watch a widescreen DVD. Thanks... Version 8.1


Thank You all in advance.


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Please provide more information about what settings you are using in Toast and the source for your widescreen movie. There is a setting in the custom encoder window to force 16:9 (rather than Automatic) but whether that works depends on what you're working with. When you say it appears full screen is there any distortion in the picture (i.e. people look too fat) or is any of it cropped off?

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