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VERY ANNOYING Virtual Function Call Error



I am getting really REALLY tired of getting the virtual function call error over and over again with the Roxio 9 product.


It seems to pop up any time a piece of software (anything is installed) and the image of the registry is adjusted.


It is getting quite annoying, and I am literally at the point of doing a 'repair' every time I use the software...


The other complaint I have Is I do not like software that installs a bunch of little hidden executables sitting in memory like the diskwatch etc. I would perfer it if it stayed out of systems task memory and only was activated when I call for It.


Roxio 9 installs about 4 applications (which do not even show up on the task bar but are only seen by the task manager).. Even if I do not use those programs for 10 weeks it is all there.


I am continually going into msconfig and shutting that stuff back off.


I think the end result is over 95% of the 'hidden execs' are turned off.

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You shouldn't have to 'continually' go into msconfig - once they're disabled at startup, they remain disabled until started


You can also disable them from the admin tools in control panel


The C++ error is a known issue and is being dealt with by Roxio

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