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ECDC5P/DirectCD with XP-MediaCenter


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I have run ECDC5P (updated to on my ‘new’ Dell (Dimension E510, Win XP-MediaCenter 2002SP2) for about a year; and have for years have relied on DirectCD with CDRW discs for my archiving.


The computer came with Sonic DLA & RecordNow (Sonic DigitalMedia LE v. 7-Build 2.0.97a) and Yahoo!Musicmatch Jukebox (10.10.009Dell) installed, none of which I use. Windows Media Player (10) is in the Start>Programs list, but I have never been able to open it.

I recently installed DAK Wave and MP3 Editor (v.4.2b) and the software for my MP3 player (ZEN NanoPlus/Creative MusicSource (3.20.57 – with CD burn application) and apparently it’s all too much.


Rewritable DirectCD formatted discs have become unreliable/unreadable. I can no longer format a disc with DirectCD. I hardly dare access any of my discs as now even a CDR disc (made with DataCDProject) won’t properly copy files to my MP3 player (though the files from the disc will play in Creative Music Source).


Only now that I’m having these problems have I come to the forum for advice and see that Direct CD has a history of being ‘touchy.’ If I had only known five years ago what I learned today … I repent, I repent …


Doing an uninstall through Add/Remove programs and re-installing (no reboot until both patches were run) did not solve the problem.

I see you folks recommend roxizap. The roxio kb page no longer gives any actual instructions for its use. I gather that it will also remove the Sonic DLA and RecordNow?

Do you recommend roxizap over following the ‘clean uninstall’ procedures roxio now recommends? (I don’t do registry editing)

Should I uninstall ALL the other mentioned programs before attempting to un/re-install ECDC5?

I would like, if possible, to stabilize the system enough to safely get files off the old DirectCD discs and on to CDR discs.

I would appreaciate any advice you can offer. Many thank yous!


Dell Dimension E510 Windows XP MediaCenter Edition 2002 SP2


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Yes, Direct CD is not recommended for use in backups or archives, nor are rewriteable discs.


I'm astonished that you've managed to get any of that working, let alone reliably until now.

Sonic DLA clashes with Roxio Direct CD, and at least some versions of Musicmatch Jukebox would stop the Creator burner dead in its tracks. I'm a bit surprised that it has taken this long to blow :)


It's unlikely that your drive and discs have all chosen to die at once, and it is likely you've got software conflicts. If the addition of this latest software is messing up both writing and reading, there's little purpose in pointing you at recovery utilities like Isobuster and CDRoller.


I think you really need to clean out your system as much as possible, and then try again to install as recommended ECDC5 with Direct CD for long enough to read off the data from your discs, and write them back to authored CD-R discs with CD Creator.


I would recommend uninstalling any CD-writing software, then a manual clean uninstall, and a polish off with Roxizap - with restarts in between. Some have recommended using Roxizap twice, to make sure any registry pieces locked by Windows have been removed. If you're not up to the manual cleaning, at least do the Roxizap thing.


There are no separate instructions for Roxizap. It's written for Roxio software, but it's liable to disable Sonic stuff too, due to overlap. That shouldn't be a worry if you've already uninstalled all CD-writing programs as recommended. You just run the utility, tell it OK, and it's done in a flash.


Hope this helps,


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This is a longshot, because you are not dealing with a new computer while an older one sits on the sidelines, working and available.


If you know anyone with an older computer (Win98 or 98 SE would be excellent) who would be willing to let you install ECDC 5 and do the conversion, it would be pretty easy. Once you've burned the data with DataProject, you can uninstall it.


I'm hesitant to suggest getting an older used computer; what we're getting in now at interconnection.org is largely P4s, and they are going out with WinXP. The used computers at RePC, a used compuer store in Seattle, are also P4s with WinXP - they do have some Boot Boxes (computers ready to load with an operating system) that are PIII, and you can pick up Win98 SE or even 95 very cheap, but you need to know what you're doing.


Which brings things back to Brendon's post.


Good luck :huh:



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Thank you Brendon and Lynn for your very helpful advice.


I am in the process of doing the first step of cleaning out CD related software and have a couple of items I'm not sure if I need/should delete.


In Control Panel > +/- Programs:

Dell Digital Jukebox Driver

Musicmatch for Windows Media Player - (There is a separate listing for Musicmatch Jukebox which I plan on removing. RealPlayer Basic will go as well.)


Once I get all this cleaned out, what do you recommend as a general media viewer/player, since Mucismatch and RealPlayer are getting deleted; and Windows Media Player 10 won't open ( which I would use if I could make it work); and I HATE the Windows Media Center?


Again, thank you!


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