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Musci Disk Creator Problem



I have the retail versoin of EMC 8 with the update . When I have my disk ready

to burn I cannot change the read only option . The read only disk option has a cheak mark

and is greyed out . Im unable to change it . The disks I have already made are recorded on

cd-rw disks and I can not erase them . I'm guessing that is because of the read only option that

I am unable to change . If anyone could help I would be very grateful

Yes my firmware is up to date

Also Im unable to change my record speed , it only gives me the 1 speed option . I was haveing problems

with the disk skipping and thought I would have better luck recording at a slower speed .

Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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The read only option is always greyed out on an audio cd.This finalizes the disc and lets it be played in your car,house,whatever.


As far as the speed option thing there was another post in one of the area's about this.We weren't ever able to figure out why this would happen.Version 8 gets its record speed options from the firmware on your drive.If you have the firmware up to date like you say then I'm not sure what the problem could be.If I find that other topic I'll give you a link to it.


here you go.You might read this.Don't know what drive you have but you might do some google searching to see if others are having the same troubles.



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Thanks for your help . I thought if I could change the read only option I would be

able to erase the disk and use it again . I am useing cd-rw . As it is now when I try to erase

the disk it tells me that the disk can not be erased . Maybe I missed something else .

Thanks for the link and your help .

What program are you using to try to erase the disc? Even with the Read-Only box checked, you should be able to erase the disc.


Another point is that for Audio CDs, CD-R (write once) discs are better because they have higher reflectivity, and can be read by most CD players, while many will not play CD-RW (erasable) discs.


Let us know.

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I would right click the drag to disk and choose the erase option and always

get the "this disk cannot be erased " message . What I was hoping to do was record

a radio program , listen to it at work , then erase the disk and do it again . I'm

probaly better off getting a mp3 player ....lol Thanks for replying


Your problem is using Drag to Disc. You failed to mention that before. Don't ever use any packet writing software, and you will be better off. Use Creator Classic.

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