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"No Signal" capture from VHS



I am in the process of capturing from VHS to make DVD's out of assorted old tapes (e.g wedding, family events from pre-DVD days etc.)


After many successful iterations, I hit a snag that I'd like to run by others.


I found a VHS tape I captured from TV a long time ago. Most likely 1986. I can watch the tape just fine. I can also see the video in Media Import just fine too when I try to capture. However, capture fails after a minute or so due to "No Signal". I can see the video in Media Import, so clearly the VCR is feeding my capture card.


A few experiments show that when the tape is playing commercials, Media Import is "Ready to capture". Once the show starts again, the signal is (ahem) lost.


So, I'm guessing that EMC9 is getting the signal just fine but elects to not capture. Is this possible?


The tape is one of may 6 hour 3 Stooges Marathons. All other marathon tapes, from prior years were captured just fine. Another test shows that VHS movies that are copyrighted can be captured just fine too.


Any ideas?

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Hopefully bostondriver provides more info on his/her "VLC captures the same video just fine" statement if indeed it's the same VLC.


I just used the capture wizard and answered the questions.


Other than this one case, I use EMC9's Media Import for all my capturing needs. I didn't spend too much time trying to figure out VLC, so I don't remember it being complicated.





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Your signal is probably just too weak… I had to go through sever VCR Players with old tapes before I hit the combo that would work.


Try it Windows Movie Maker.


??? If you are not using EMC9 why are you posting here?



I am using EMC9, see first post in this thread. Media Import claims no signal. VLC captures the same video just fine. I simply close EMC9, open VLC and it works.

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While capturing a video from a VHS tape the program says that the signal was lost and the recording stops. It seems to happen while the VHS tape has the “snow” in between recorded segments.

How can I adjust the capture program to just record the complete two hours from the VHS tape without stopping between segments?

You help is appreciated.


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