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Roxio Creator , My DVD Combo LE


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I do not see my version listed, is there another name for it or am I screwed


Re: My DVD Combo LE, Updates


We know what My DVD is (a video editing /DVD maker program that is either a stand alone or part of a suite)

We know what a combo is ( drive - burner read and write CD; read DVD)

We know what an LE is (original equipment manufacturer limited) version

We know what updates are ( fixes for purchased programs but not likely for OEM version)

We don't know what version NUMBER you are using (7,8,9, 10 are Roxio; anything earlier is Sonic Solutions)

Have you contacted the OEM version supplier for an update.

Why do you need an update?


You've been a member for awhile so you should know that you should not post part of the issue in the title and should give a full description of the problem in the text.

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