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Can't Get Around The Damn Duration Thing



Hi everyone!


Well... this thing has driven me nuts as I have tried everything I can think of and the only way around the problem was "fooling" the software.


I recently purchased a "Mad Dog" burner to replace my defunct Plextor (which was crap). Anyway, with it came Roxio's Easy Media Creator 7 (which I already had some experience with as an earlier version was included with the Plextor).


I created a 34 minute music Bio of my Vietnam experiences which included transitions (fade in/out, etc.), visual explanations of the photos (a ticker going across the bottom) and, of course, photographs. I used Windows Movie Maker Pro, which I have used before on other projects. As some photos required more explanation than some of the others.... the photos were displayed anywhere between 10 seconds to almost a minute each. Once I finished, I saved the movie in the NTSC High Quality DVD mode for the highest quality.


I used the DVD creator in EMC7.... and thought it would be a simple process. I created a background for the Menu Screen, Menu background music, then added two versions of the video.... ONE with all the audio and narrative written on a ticker across the bottom of the screen.... and the second... with no ticker but with a voice over of me talking with a soundtrack explaining things in my own voice. I inserted two "Thumbnails" which came directly from the videos..... (I inserted a photo before and had to give it a "duration"..... then found out that the "duration" would ASSUME that I wanted ANY PHOTOGRAPH to only last that long and NOT for the amount of time I created.... and screwed up my whole VOICE OVER version). Well.... even with using a thumbnail.... and not using anything where DURATION was even part of the options... I though I was safe. After the lengthly burning process (took almost the entire 4.7 GIG).... when I went to test it BEFORE making copies.... the VERSION with the soundtrack and ticker arcross the bottom was PERFECT... however, the one where there was NO TICKER evidently went into some kind of DEFAULT PHOTO MODE.... and changed the photos that were displayed to EVERY 5 SECONDS (instead of how it was created) until it got to a transition where there was something continually going on. Of course, this through off the entire narration of the voice over option and wasted valuable time.


I screwed with this forever... and just gave up. I finally had to settle to doing the voice over version that had the ticker at the bottom (which is aggravating) so the #$^@ software would leave the duration of the photos as I had originally designed them.


A long story... but now you know all the details. So... HOW do I get around this? Can I without having to go into the PRODUCTION OPTION and screwing with things there, which I do not want to do as Windows Movie Maker is perfect for what I am doing? All I want to do, is import a completed perfect product... add a Menu Screen, a background track ..... then burn it... and have it be the way I designed it... PERIOD!


Any advice will be appreciate.


Dave Rabbit

Radio First Termer

Saigon, Vietnam 1970-1971

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