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sonic my dvd delux 6.1 help

just bobby


some one plz help i was told to buy this software so that i could put several 30 min dvd clips on 1 dvd instead of 1 dvd for each video......now i have figured everything out so far except when i try to add more than 1 video it says runtime error can not create thumbnail i would also like to know if this software will convert the files to dvd for playback in standard players or do i have to convert them first




i have now tryed to re download videos re convert videos and it still says something about thumbnails some one plz help

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While not claiming to be particularly knowledgable about DVD burning, I do know that at "best" quality you can only get about 1 hour of DVD Video on one DVD/R, or about 1 1/2 hour of middling quality.


If you have "small" files that you feel it should be possible to get several onto a DVD, there is a clarification needed: DVD Video is a specific format, and is based on TIME, not size.


If you put several of those files onto a Data DVD, they will not be in DVD Video format, altho some DVD players might accept it anyway ... a lot of them won't.



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