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Error Code: 0x80004005



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I get this errror message on some projects that I try to burn on DVD Builder for EMC 7.0.

Please help!


Are you ever able to burn the projects with DVD Builder in 7.0? If you can never burn the project then there might be something wrong with the project and I can give you instructions on how to troubleshoot it.


If you've been able to burn the project on another attempt, were you successful after restarting your computer?


Have you downloaded and installed any updates for 7.0? You should have version 7.1. The automatic update feature doesn't work anymore so you have to go to Roxio Support and download it manually.


Also, check with the manufacturer of your computer/dvd drive and see if they have any 'firmware' updates.

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Unspecified Error (0x80004005) translates loosly as "something is wrong but I'm not sure what".


How about some detail on exactly what you are trying to do with which application within the suite, exactly which steps you are taking prior to getting the error, and your computer specs (Processor speed, RAM, Hard Drive size, free space, Video card, etc.)



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