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Corrupt ISO Image



Hello. Last week, I successfully encoded a DVD Production, burned it to DVD then watched it on the TV. I noticed that the text in one of my slides was white (it should have been yellow), so I decided to modify that one slide and re-encode the production. The encode completed successfully, but when I attempted to burn the ISO Image to DVD using the Copy DVD function, it looked funny--unlike other ISO images I created where you can see the thumbnail of the movie you are getting ready to burn to a DVD, all I saw was text saying 'Track 1'. I thought this looked funny, but I went ahead and burned the DVD anyway, but the movie simply wouldn't play in my DVD Player. Just for grins, I attempted to open the ISO Image to watch it on my computer, and the program told me it was corrupt.


So, I deleted that image and encoded the production a 2nd time. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with the ISO file it successfully created. The encode process completes without error, but the ISO file is apparently corrupt.


The ONLY thing that has changed since the last time I successfully created a good ISO image from this project was that I changed the text color in one of my slides. I wouldn't think that would affect this.


Do you have any suggestions?



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