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Can't open old files after move to Vista



I have just transferred all my files from my old (XP) PC which had Roxio EMC 7 to a new Dell (Vista) PC with Creator DE 9.0.116. I cannot open on the new PC any .rcl or .jwl files that were created in EMC 7 on the old PC. Is this because "DE" - believed to be Dell oem - has limited functionality? Is there anything that I can do to make these files readable? Would EMC 10 help?

Thanks in advance for any help :huh:

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Hello Allan,


I'm afraid I've never seen the DE version, so I can't help with its functionality. Does it have Label Creator? If you can't find Label Creator out in the open, try running Express Labeler [if you have it] and clicking 'Next' a couple of times. In EMC10 this shows a box 'Edit in Label Creator'and clicking on there will run Label Creator.


I just ran EMC 10's Label Creator in Vista, and it handled .JWL files made in version 3, 5, 6, and 7 without problems. [i didn't have one from 4]. If you have Label Creator in the DE version it should do the same.


Does your 9DE have Creator Classic? Creator Classic in 10 handled a version 7 .RCL file happily. Please note that for an RCL file to be of use the files it mentions must be available in a path identical to where they were when the project was created. If they have been deleted or moved, or if the partition where they reside has a different name/letter then Creator won't be able to find them.


Please be aware that EMC10's Creator Classic has been fiddled with. :angry2::angry2: Roxio has complicated things by disabling its audio capabilities and moving them to Music Disc Creator. I don't know how you'll get on trying to deal with saved V7 music projects.




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