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Guest RCD74

A Work Around I have Stumbled Across


Guest RCD74

Hi - I am not promising this is a sure fix, but I know that many people on these forums including myself, have noticed that some of the pictures jerk or flash for a split second after transitions. For me, it doesn't happen all the time but rather sometimes on a range of different transitions. Some people have mentioned that using Software Render can fix the problem, however, I like having the 3-D option.


I have noticed that hand placing the transitions in the production help the problem somewhat (instead of using potluck), and ALSO increasing the time of the transitions helps. I recently burnt 3 different productions I made in Videowave and noticed the ones that had an increase in transition time (1.30 or above) did NOT make the flash or jerky movements like the one that used the default 1.00 time. Again, I am NOT claiming this works EVERYTIME, but I have had some success. Hope this helps and let us know if it works for you!!



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