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Installing EMC10 on 2 machines and sharing the DB



I would like to install EMC10 on 2 machines. They will not be used at the same time nor for the same purpose. Here is what I would like to do but need help with knowing how to share the EMC database (or whatever it uses to track files ,tags, etc...) :unsure:


I have a theater room with a large screen and HP Media Center PC. On this machine I would like to be able to view the EMC10 Media Manager, search for pictures, tags etc... and view the files / videos I search for. This machine has a 1Tb drive I use to store my media files on. It is a Firewire connected drive. This machine is ethernet connected to my home LAN.


I have another HP PC where I plan to use EMC10 to edit my files, create DVD's etc... basically my editing machine. This machine is connected to my home LAN via an 802.3 n wireless adapter. I will probably take the 1Tb firewire drive from the Theater room PC and connect it to a firewire port on this PC to avoid network latency when working on large files over the network, if this will not cause an issue with EMC


Now the question is how to install EMC10 on these 2 machines so that when I use the editing PC to add files to the library, define tags for pictures and videos, and then catalog the files on the 1TB drive or onto DVD's, the Theater room install of EMC10 will be able to access the same DB file that stored all the tagging info etc... when I connect the 1Tb drive back onto the Theater Room PC?


I used to use EMC7 and started to look at this back then. I found that there was a file where the catalog information, tags etc... was stored and by copying that file to another machine, I think I was able to maintain the integrity of the information across machines.


Is anyone aware of how the EMC10 Media Manager software keeps file information and whether I could keep that file(s) on a shared drive that the 2 different installs could access?


Any thoughts, ideas, guidance would be appreciated. It appears that I will have to redo all the tagging I did under EMC7 since there is no upward compatability (YUK) so this is the time to try things while I have a pristine install and no data to worry about.



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