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incomplete data CD burn



I've been burning data CDs and using the drag and drop to close the CDs. It has been working fine, but something changed around December 31. Perhaps a Windows update or something... The CDs still appear to burn properly, no error messages or anything, but when I read them back Explorer can only find 33 files; not the 2 hundred or so I copied. If I check the disk properties it shows as full and containing enough data for all the files (500 Mb) while Explorer says there is less than 100 Mb in the 33 files.


Anyone seen anything like this, or have any ideas what is wrong?



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Thank you. Turning on recording did it. Now when I insert a blank disk I get a window that I can copy files to and then burn to the CD; just like I used to have.


Seems like installing Easy CD and DVD turned this feature off; uninstalling it did not turn it back on.


Just for the record, the registry keys I had played with were:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Control / Class /{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

UpperFilters and LowerFilters

One of the Roxio help files seemed to suggest these needed to be deleted to get access to the drive after uninstalling.

Mostly I was just guessing in the dark.


Again, Thank you,


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OK, I bought the red box to capture audio, I have been using the drag-to-disk to burn CDs just because it was there.

If you folks say it isn't reliable, I am perfectly happy to go back to using XP explorer to burn them...


So, I went to control panel - add/remove programs, and removed drag-to-disk. But it doesn't seem to have cleaned up very well. The original Windows functionality has not been restored.


If I put in a burned CD I get the usual "what do you want windows to do" window. But if I put a blank CD in, nothing happens. If I then start explorer and goto the CD I get "d:\ is not accessable" "incorrect function"


I removed the 2 registry keys Roxio help mentions, but that didn't help.


Any ideas how I get my basic functionality back?

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You haven't given much information, but I would make two guesses.


If you have been using Drag2Disc to format the discs for Packet-Writing, you have discovered why nobody who knows what Packet-Writing is (Drag2Disc, Nero's InCD, Sonic's DLA, etc) uses Packet-Writing for anything they want to KEEP.


If you've been using WinXP's built-in CD burning ability, then you need to contact Microsoft.


Did you do any changes/updates/upgrades/addition of any software/hardware around the time the problem started?



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That is great, sounds like you are good to go.


The Upper/Lower Filters are something that started in XP. It seems that installing or removing any burning software, often corrupts them! MS has an article or two about it.


Deleting those keys will either Fix it or at least do no harm are they will be rebuilt upon reboot.


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No idea what Registry Keys you removed?


I would use Explorer, right click the drive and select Properties.


There is a Recording tab, and you want to make sure the drive has recording turned on.


Any disc you used with D2D is unusable for any other type of burning.


Since XP Burning uses Authoring, when you insert a blank CD, nothing should happen… What were you expecting?


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