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DVDiT PRO HD - no success at all...



... the only thing I get is a folder with a lot of funny subfolders and files...


I have a LG-BD-Burner latest firmware.

I have the latest ROXIO-soft (bought by download yesterday....)


I cannot even see any progresss in the proggie.


All tries (ISO, Volume, MASTER and BURN failed...)

I only see this funny folder after each try....


Please help a poor german....



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what is in your funny folder after you have failed to write a volume? what exactly is happening? transcode video? transcode audio? then nothing?



By coincidence I found out, that the display resolution had to be changed. After I did that, it works - hallelujah !

Before that it never starts doing a volume or image.....


But I have to reinstall the prog on another computer. There is still the 4GB-problem !


so far, thanks and help me please


greets from Germany


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