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Popcorn 3 spontaneously quits during encoding job



I use Popcorn 3 on DVDs I want to encode for my Apple TV. I usually compress to 2000 kbits/s, current frame size, 24 fps, multiple passes. On a couple of titles Popcorn spontaneously quits after about 4 or 5 h of encoding time on my MacBook Pro. I am wondering why, and whether there might be an update in the near future that addresses this. I'd be willing to mail a copy of the VIDEO_TS folder to the Roxio development team to check out.


Dominik Hoffmann

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I don't know what the reason for this might be but one possibility is that Popcorn used up all your Mac's memory. I've seen posts where users have commented on memory leaks. You also could check that your RAM has no problems by using a utility call Memtest or the extended test on the Harware Test that came with your Mac.


If it is a memory leak then either get more RAM if that is possible, quit Popcorn after each encoding rather than batch process or get a Turbo.264.


I'm just wildly guessing and don't know what is causing your issue. It hasn't happened on my Macs.

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