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Combining 2 VIDEO_TS folders into one DVD



Very new to Toast (8.0.3).By dumb luck I was able to make a new dvd from 2 personal unprotected video_ts files. It was set up to play from insertion with no menus and with continuos play. Unfortunately I did not keep track of my steps and cannot replicate the process. Starting at DVD-ROM UDF gets me a disc image that won't open in DVD Player. Starting at Video_TS folder will accept only one, the last video_ts file selected. Starting at DVD-Video will stop multiplexing the disc image at around 50% completion with Mac OS error code 39 showing.

Any help or links to FAQs is greatly appreciated.

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The process takes a few steps.

Choose DVD video as the format in Toast (do not choose DVD video from VIDEO_TS).


Place a VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop or inside the Movies folder. Don't have it inside any other folder.


Select DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser window. In a couple seconds something will appear in the browser list. Double-click on what appears and you'll see thumbnail images of each title inside the VIDEO_TS. Drag the one(s) you want to the Video window.


At this point Toast extracts MPEG files from the VIDEO_TS folder. When that is done repeat the same process for your other VIDEO_TS folder.


Now set up the menu the way you want and burn you combined videos to DVD.

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Thanks for your help.

I chose DVD Video, placed copies of video_ts folders on desktop and in Movies folder.

In Toast media browser, nothing showed up under DVD, but under Movies heading the Video_ts folders popped up. I selected one video_ts folder, dragged it to Video Window, then repeated with another Video_ts.

I set the menu and tried both a disc image and burn but both hung up again in multiplexing at around 50%(-error 39).

Will keep at it!!



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Toast doesn't work right when VIDEO_TS folders are added directly to the Video window except for the one setting that is specific to that. I don't know why something didn't show up when you placed the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop. It takes a few seconds for it to appear, but that's the way it has to be done. It's important that the VIDEO_TS folder itself be on the desktop and that it isn't inside some other folder.


Alternatively you could use MPEG Streamclip to extract the MPEG files from the VIDEO_TS folder by choosing Convert to MPEG from Streamclip's File menu after opening a specific VTS title set in Streamclip.

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Your suggestion re: MPEG Streamclip worked. It does take some time but the results are fine. Now if I can only remember how I did it completely in Toast, feels like I've misplaced my car keys and can't find them.

Thanks so much for your help.


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