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video blacks out during burning and output



I have the latest updates for DirectX and my nVidia driver. My production consists of 29 JPGs. each with an audio track. (Unlike a slideshow, each JPG has a different duration.) The preview plays perfectly. When I try to burn to a CD or output as a video file, the first 2 JPGs play okay and then the screen goes black. The audio continues to play. The video skips a couple JPGs (black screen) and then will show one JPG, and then will go back to a black screen. My hardware works; I can burn a DVD with Adobe Premiere, but my productions are already in Videowave. Any ideas?

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I went into Options and change the setting to software rendering, but it had no effect.


Have you tried adjusting some of the durations of the images and the transitions between them?


I don't understand what you mean by "Unlike a slideshow, each JPG has a different duration"? You can have different durations for each slideshow image as well as each transition

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