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Clip Audio Fade In Problem

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I am using Video Wave 5 Power Edition (5.1 2046.00000025)


I have always had an audio problem when putting together clips with a CUT join, the audio track always fades in even when audio "fade in" is not selected, so the sound dips and goes up again between clips.


Is there a fix ?


Here is something I just tried today. Mark all tracks for quick fade in. Edit the audio files for every track to fade in at 0.1 seconds (vs. the default 3.0 seconds). It takes care of 99% of the problem.

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This is still a problem with VideoWave in NXT 4. I have tried reducing the fade time to the minimum of 0.1 seconds. That means there is still a 0.2 second total lull in the music around a cut, and it still sounds like crap.


Start your own thread in the NXT 4 area rather than posting in a 9 year old thread. I think you have the record for dredging up Historical posts.


Tell us about your computer, audio device and post a short section of the audio so we can hear it. Have you tried putting the videos with the audios on separate tracks and adjusting the overlay times.

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