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Drive Icon And Labels Not Updated



I have two XP Pro machines, both running EMC 8, both copies recently downloaded separately, both behaving differently under the same settings.


On the later download, once EMC 8 was installed, the drive icons and labels for both dvds on the system (one read only, one writable), would not update to reflect a new disc when one was inserted. The Drag-to-disc window would also not reflect the change. Drive icons and labels reflected the disc that was either inserted before the new one or usually the disc that was present when the machine was first started. When opened under explorer, the disc contents were listed correctly, but the label would remain incorrect even on an F5 refresh of the My Computer window. Occasionally, Roxio would also not permit burning to a newly inserted blank disc, as it did not seem to be aware that the disc had been changed.


I have managed to correct the behaviour on the abberant machine simply by taking off the option to disable system autorun - it seems that this allows autoplay.exe to operate and update the labels. All other registry settings were checked first to ensure that autoplay was operating correctly, and are as microsoft suggest.


However, on the machine that was never affected with the problem, the disable option is still ticked, and labels etc operate correctly! I would not have thought that an option to disable autoplay would also disable basic disk icons and label update, and the different settings on the computers would support that.


Why is this? Have I just managed to find a workaround or is it a known problem with Roxio?



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