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I Have a number of DVDs of home footage that I have created using a PC.

I now want to RIP the data on these discs to allow me to re edit using my MAC.


I was recommended Crunch but cant seem to achieve what I want to do


What software do I need.

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I believe it can be done with crunch by going to the custom setting in the AppleTV export option and choosing MPEG4 as the format in the Video Format popup. I don't know whether to choose MPEG4 Basic or Enhanced as I've not attempted this. iMovie will import certain kinds of MPEG4 video so it is worth a try.


However, I'd use MPEG Streamclip or Cinematize to export as a full-quality Quicktime movie or as DV video. Toast can also export these formats but it requires the extra step of extracting MPEG files from the DVD before you can start the conversion.


Choose a short segment and do some experimenting. If you're planning on using iMovie you might also check the iMovie discussions forum at discussions.apple.com.

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