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DVD Burn Hangs



I have been trying to burn DVD's on my desktop. The DVD encodes fine, and will burn to 100%, but the overall completion remains at 97%, and there it hangs, ad will never complete, the only way to stop the process is through task manager or restarting tothe computer. I let it run all night one night and it never completed. Once I get it to stop and I try to watch the DVD, there is nothing, going to explore on the DVD shows nothing, it shows no gb's used or free, it seems to be blank but unusable at the same time. It does this with every DVD I have tried from the new pack Could the DVD's be bad or incompatible? Any suggestions? I've updated Video Drivers, that didn't help.



The DVD's are TDK DVD-R.

Dell Demisnion 1100 Desktop

512 MB Ram

180 GB HD

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Are these attempts to burn projects directly to the disc from MyDVD? If so, instead try burning to an image file ( <filename>.ISO ) on your hard drive, then use Video Copy & Convert to burn that image to the disc. That will separate the encoding process from the disc burning process (less recource intesive this way) and takes the same overall time.

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