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Lost CD Key



My MacBook hard-drive crashed recently, and I had to reformat my hard-drive. On trying to re-install Toast 8, I realized that I had lost the envelope for my CD, which had the CD Key on it.


I checked the user support, and it suggested checking to see if I had registered my copy (I unfortunately had not). It said otherwise that nothing could be done...


I'm obviously VERY upset about this - I paid $100 for the software (after S/H), and have used it for less than a year. I had a legitimate computer crash, and now I can't install the software. I have the ORIGINAL disk, box, receipt, and proofs of purchase. I am willing to send these in to verify the authenticity... and there's NOTHING that can be done?


Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this?


I saw various postings that said to contact customer support - so I emailed them. All I got back was a web-link to the page that says nothing can be done.



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