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gabriel Sanders


I just ordered the Toast Menu Style Pack 3 for my Roxio Toast 8 on Mac. I ordered this in order to have more options in regards to font type and size, and button shape and placement. When I go to choose that option in the menu, all I get is the Lumbermill, Tekwar, Sports, Motorsports and Ocean premium menu styles WITHOUT any way to move around buttons or choose different font styles or sizes!!


CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS? The Roxio phone service is $29/hour.


Thank you.

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I've had and used the style packs for some time. There is no customizing options that I'm aware of other than what can be done with any of the menus; that is specifying the number of thumbnails, selecting the highlight color and adding your own background image. I'm pretty sure you can't do what you were expecting to do. Roxio has a refund policy.


Since this menu customization is important to you I suggest getting CaptyDVD2 from pixela-1.com.

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