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I owe!



To this forum, and

especially to Mr. Tnanstee (sp) sorry, I know i got it wrong.


I've got a new imac 2.4, 2gram, 20", with Toast 8.0.3, and MTR 2.66 that's all.

Well besides all the other whistles and bells the thing comes with, but this particular "gentlperson" was able to take me,

hand in hand, and show me what I could, and, perhaps, could not do, with 2.66.

(While I'm on disability, I will save my pennies, dollars, francs! Yes! and surely pay for the update gift, that has been bestowed upon us.)


And, why wouldn't I?

I once worked HARD. Now, I cannot. I'm so happy to be Alive!

And, I SO appreciate the help of those who have done their home/work, and share it.....


Nothing, in life is Free! Nothing!

Not even a backup!


So, to anyone who might be using this for distribution, SHAME!

For your personal backup, OK. Yep, I think that's deserved. But, watch the law!


And, Thanks to those who have shown me the "Light", and a better way!


Godspeed all of you!




NorthEast PA....


Peace, and Be Well!



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