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Quicktime MPEG 4



I have just recently bought a Kodak V1253 camera that has the ability to rcord 720p HD video.

It is a GREAT pocket camera.

I am running EMC 9.

My pc has 1 gig or ram, a 1.78 ghz AMD Athlon 64 processor with a 250 gig hard drive

onboard video is via an ATI Radeon 200 256 mg.

When I play the video from this camera in QT on this pc it is very choppy.

I have the same problem playing back with EMC 9.

However on my Intel based Mac mini it is smooth as silk.

My question, if I edit these files in video wave and burn a dvd will the play back on my dvd player be any better?

Do I need to convert these files, and if so how do I do it?


would an upgrade to EMC 10 help?


Thanks for the help in advance


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